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The new USB Riser Card ver 008s Review

It could be a great idea to prevent utilizing the SATA power cable when possible because SATA power cords have the most affordable power ranking amongst the 3. That being stated, you can blend and integrate 2 various power adapters to prevent overloading one single cable.

The riser 008s enables you to obtain more versatility when linking your Video Cards. In some cases you may not have sufficient power ports and this USB riser card permits you to utilize options since it has three power sockets (molex, sata, 6pin ).

The cords that enter to the power supply have their own power score too. Unless you are utilizing Video Cards with low power draw, I ‘d recommend you to prevent linking more than 2 PCI-e extenders per cable.

If anyone are creating a mining rig based upon a 6, 12 and even a 19 pcie slot motherboard, you may be thinking about this brand-new item that has actually been launched to the marketplace and is currently on sale right now at a lower cost.

The modular adapters in between the Power Supply and the cords that go to the risers can in some cases be the powerlessness too, so watch on those. Normally, there is no other way to understand the optimum quantity of existing those can endure. If your mining rig drops a piece of its hashrate, modular ports are typically the very first thing to inspect.

- Several Voltage Policy Parts (Voltage Regulating Diode and Linear Regulator).
- 4 Superior Quality Solid Capacitors for steady and safer electricity shipment.
- Board size: 12cm x 4.5 cm x 1.6 cm.
- Overcurrent Defense (Surface Area Installed Fuse) to secure your parts in case of a brief circuit.
- No chauffeurs had to set up.
- Gold plated contacts for perfect connection and a long life-span.
- 4 Holes For connecting the riser card to your rig.
- Several Power Choices: Link to your PSU through 6pin PCIE, 4Pin MOLEX, or 15pin SATA power cable (power cords not consisted of).
- 60cm USB 3.0 riser cable making it possible for versatility in the positioning of your PCI-E gadgets.
- The best service for establishing Ethereum, Zcash, or Monero mining rigs, whether little outdoors rigs or big rack based miners.
- 1x adapter PCI-E card can be placed in any PCI-E Slot: 1x, 4x, 8x, or 16x!
- KEEP IN MIND: The installing holes on this riser have a non-standard spacing and can not be installed on rigs including stand-off setups created for previous generation risers. Hole spacing: 3.85 cm & 9.45 cm.

Places to purchase this version?

I seen this riser card on a web-site from Romania called icado, they offer a verry proper cost and they are verry great in communication and delivery.

All the best with your mining rigs. Good luck in Mining!

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