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The Beauty Breakdown – About Make up Artist Elena Panait

Make up artist Elena Panait tells us the best ways to produce natural yet perfect search for movie stars. More details about her work you will find Here.

TV-Star makeup by Comprise artist Elena Panait

In HBO’s brand-new series Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores Abernathy, a host (robotic) who has the appearance of a fresh homestead daughter seeking to find her purpose on the planet. The character and the period set the platform for the cosmetics style. For Evan they used something sweet, tidy and timeless, says comprise artist Elena Panait.

The benefit with Evan as well as other characters is that they are good to go in a world of fantasy and make-believe, and due to the fact that of this they had the ability to press the limits beyond simply that of a standard period cosmetics.

Make up artist Elena Panait says that the allure of the fantasy was more crucial than the accuracy of an incorrect duration (Westworld Amusement park). I feel it is necessary to understand this due to the fact that we are typically limited by colors and tones by the timeline. In this case, the constraints were loose and it was more essential to define the character by their title within the park.

Skincare: Evan revealed up day-to-day with her face tidy and sun protection currently used and well taken in into the skin’s surface – confirmed Comprise artist Elena Panait.

Guide: No guide– I am not a big fan of guides in basic. They often include another layer to the skin that in my experience is one more point of failure. Make up artist Elena Panait constantly tries to do the most minimal application while keeping optimum results.

Structure: They wanted the actress to have a perfect skin. Not just as a leading lady however also as a host who was developed with a level of perfection in mind.

With the excruciating temperature levels and pallor of Evan’s complexion, usage Estée Lauder Double Use Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body with SPF 15. Mix two colors together to find the balance of pinks and yellow. The colors are 1N3 Creamy Vanilla and 2C5 Creamy Tan.

They are mixed in equal percentages and used using a Sephora Pro foundation brush and after that gently blended with a latex sponge, states comprise artist Elena Panait.

Concealer: The amazing thing about the Estée Lauder Double Wear is that it is strong enough to function as a concealer. The advantage is that I am never ever actually blending in between to various mediums. In fact, Evan has 2 tattoos, one behind each ear. Make up artist Elena Panait recommends the Estée Lauder to cover these tattoos as well.

Brows: After the structure had been used, I would clean up any undesirable brows utilizing an inclined suggestion Tweezerman to develop a nice soft arch to the brow. Evan’s natural eyebrows– like the majority of– are ever so slightly off in shape and density. They utilized a Tricia Sawyer Appeal Brow Define with Refill pencil in Taupe.

Eye shadow: Then prep Evan’s upper eyelids with Too Dealt with Shadow Insurance. This has actually shown to make up artist Elena Panait to be the finest “guide” for hanging on the powders all the time. Once dry, you can include powders to the cover using Too Faced Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow combination.

Make up artist Elena Panait suggests starting with Paradise and Nudie over the whole cover. Adding simply a little much deeper tone to the outdoors and crease I would layer on a little Cashmere Bunny, says Make up artist Elena Panait.

Eyeliner: Using Too Dealt with Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow palette, would dust the eyelash line with a little Sexspresso to help define the upper cover. Add just the smallest touch to the outside lower lid – suggests make up artist Elena Panait.

Mascara: Evan has excellent lashes and again they chose an extremely natural look. Comprise artist Elena Panait – excessive mascara and this would become an attractive cosmetics instead of a natural cosmetics. They used a Sephora Eyelash Fan Brush to apply Diorshow Extase # 791 Brown.

Blush: The Estée Lauder Structure, when dry, offers a grainy and wonderfully soft finish, so for the blush, they used Too Faced’s The Secret to No Makeup Fresh & Flawless Face Combination.

Lips: Evan has extremely naturally complete and red lips. The objective was to pull some of that natural red tone out but still allow the lips to look healthy. For this, they used Make Up For Ever 7 Rouge Artist Scheme – describes Make up artist Elena Panait.

It was a mix of 3 colors, not equally, just because in some cases her lips would encounter more pale in particular lighting. The three colors utilized were Extreme 16, Extreme 41 and Natural N3.

Powder: If required I would use Offset Ever HD Pushed Powder. I would use it sparingly and only in locations needed, practically specifically to the T-zone and chin – states Make up artist Elena Panait.

Bronzer: On occasion throughout the series they would sometimes give Evan’s skin a little lift. Depending on what phase of the show, they utilized either Too Dealt with Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer or Too Faced Candlelight Softly Illuminating Translucent Powder. – Confirmed make up artist Elena Panait.

Other: Comprise artist Elena Panait states that there are a few celebrations when you can see an actor fully nude. This required a continuation of the scheme explained above. Evan has many tattoos but on a very pale/pink body tone. This makes all her tattoos stick out in wonderful detail.

This can look really unsafe and “blingy,” however when shooting on movie, it gave the body a very natural, perfect appeal. Even if you movie for a motion picture this makeup is a good trend. Make up artist Elena Panait from Bucharest is here to assist you appear like a star.

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